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Game Commander - Cockpit
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Game Commander - Cockpit

  • £11999

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Game Commander - Space Sim Edition

The Game Commander Space Sim edition is housed in a sleek black case, with amber backlighting and a carefully thought out control layout, this unit is sure to bring you closer than ever to your ship.

There are two versions, a desktop version, and a GameCAB Cockpit version.

Both versions work great with all popular space simulation games such as Star Citizen, Everspace, etc.. It even works great with the old classics such as Freelancer, or Tie Fighter v's Xwing for example. 

Both versions have buttons grouped for 'Astrogation', 'Defence', 'Targeting , 'Power Systems', 'Hull Systems', and 'FTL Drive', and both versions also have a five-way rotary switch that can be used for instance to select view screens or weapons systems etc. The Cockpit version also has a bank of two-way toggle switches, two spare inputs, and the LED toggle on/off switch.

All of the buttons and inputs are of fully programmable from within the game itself so you can reconfigure if needed, and we even have spare button sets available to do this. When connected (via USB) the unit is seen by Windows as a standard USB game Controller device.

Most Space Sim players are using a HOTAS set up, and one common problem is that there is just not enough room on the desk for the joystick, throttle, mouse, and keyboard. The Game Commander has a much smaller footprint than a keyboard and enough inputs to enable you to operate your ship. So put that clumsy keyboard to one side and forget all those nasty key combinations, the GameCommander has all the main function that you need and works flawlessly to enhance your existing controller set up, whether that be a HOTAS or Xbox controller.




Why not personalize you Game Commander by adding your Commander or Ship name, or any motto or slogan that you like ; this can be whatever you like provided that it's not offensive and it's under 40 characters Inc spaces. 

(To specify your name or motto, just add it in the message box on the checkout page.)


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