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Arcade Gallery

As well as our standard line products GameCAB often supplies Arcade Machines with custom colour schemes or bespoke artwork.

Below are pictures of some recent arcades that we have supplied.

 Red Army

Southampton FC football club emblem badge logo crest branding











This arcade machine was commissioned by a supporter of the football club Southampton FC.The arcade table has a red and white colour scheme and features the Southampton FC club logo and branding. This machine also has the optional pinball flippers on the sides of the control panels.




Give the Dog a Bone.

The marketing agency wanted something recreational in their new office suite, to de-stress and entertain the staff. A Reto 60 Coffee table Arcade fitted in just perfect.



Nev's Arcade.
Nev just wanted a special machine to re-live his youth and play street fighter with his boys. So we built him this machine based on our 'Elite Arcade', but with a few special touches.
Nevs Arcade


Arcade Wizard 1000


Picture courtesy of Nev 









This Arcade Machine was one of the first Arcade Wizard 1000's that we produced, The customer specifically wanted it to match the colour scheme in his kitchen.





This is the original Elite Arcade, It was purchased by the fasion company for their office. The owner liked it so much he bought another one for his home ! And note the customised stainless steel marquee panel, all Elite Arcades now have this option.

Elite Arcade at