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Elite Arcade - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming
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Elite Arcade - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming Elite Arcade - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming Elite Arcade - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming

Elite Arcade

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Elite Arcade, Ultimate Upright Arcade Machine

The Elite Arcade, Upright Arcade Machine has been custom designed by the guys at GameCAB to be the ultimate Multi Game Stand Up Arcade Machine.

The Elite Arcade's full-sized upright cabinet is an evolution of a bespoke arcade machine design that we built for a prestigious customer. We think that the cabinet has to be the most handsome arcade cabinet on the market. GameCAB's team designed this with inspiration from a top fashion designer to ensure the most elegant lines and sophisticated proportions ever seen in an arcade machine. No time and effort has been spared in the design and build of this amazing multi game arcade machine. It really is the ultimate Upright Arcade Machine that you can buy today!

You should have no doubt that the Elite Arcade machine will look absolutely stunning in your games room, and with its illuminated stainless steel marquee panel its not only a real eye catcher but quite a conversation piece. Your mates will be seriously impressed when they first set eyes on it.

Choice of Games

The Elite Arcade multi game machine comes with a choice of two possible game PCBs (circuit boards) options, and either a very generous 400 or mind blowing 750 classic retro arcade games!

The games are all old school classic arcade games, ranging from the Golden Age era of video games (early 80s) - such as Pac Man, Space Invaders, Galaxian and Galaga etc. - through to turn of the millennium favourites like Street Fighter etc.

Cabinet Finish and Controls

The cabinet is manufactured from melamine coated MDF, toughened glass, and brushed stainless steel control panels. GameCAB don't use cheap stainless steel either, we only use top quality (Aviation grade) steel.

The Elite Arcade ultimate upright arcade machine has been designed specifically for personal and private use, and has no ugly coin mechanism fitted. This is a luxury 'Big Boy's Toy' or 'Big Girl's Toy', designed for the home games room or private bar.

To complement the luxury arcade cabinet and impressive line-up of classic, retro arcade games, the machine is fitted with top-of-the-range Japanese controls and a large 26" HD arcade monitor, which makes playing classic video games on these arcade machines even more enjoyable.

As a luxury toy, the Elite Arcade upright arcade machine offers many many hours of incredible fun, but also as an elegant and eye-catching piece of furniture the Elite Arcade looks stunning in any home, games room or private bar.

The Marquee is laser cut from Aviation grade stainless steel, and illuminated by multi-colour remote controlled LEDs. You can change the illumination colour/brightness, or set it to gently pulsate or flash. There is also the option to add a rear illuminated panel which produces an eye catching coloured halo on the wall around the machine.

Elite Arcade Machine in the office of
The first in the new range of Elite Arcade Machines takes pride of place
in the office at



The Screen images, shown below, show you just a few examples of the arcade games included. There is a good selected of all arcade genres, from 1980s classics, Fighting Games like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter, Driving Games like Out Run, Classic Shooters like Juno First, and Puzzle Games, such as Tetris. In fact, the Elite Arcade ultimate upright arcade machine comes with almost all of the best arcade favourite games.


Metal Slug 6 Arcade Game

Metal Slug

Juno First Old School Space Arcade Game

Juno First

Double Dragon Classic 80's Arcade Game

Double Dragon

 Marvel V's Capcom 90's arcade fighter

Marvel V's Capcom

GORF 180's retro arcade space shooter


Ghosts and Goblins Famous Arcade Game

Ghosts and Goblins

Defender Classic arcade golden age


Gravitar 1980's retro arcade space shooter


Street Fighter Famous Arcade beet em up

Street Fighter


You navigate through the elegant and simple game selection menu using the joystick and buttons. Simply move the joystick up or down to the game of your choice and press the start button to play.

With your favourite old school, retro or classic arcade game loaded it looks and feels just like an original 1980s arcade machine. The nostalgia will soon come flowing back!

Sixty classic arcade video games, such as Donkey Kong, Galaga, and Space Invaders in a high quality, robust arcade cabinet.

Available Options (please phone to discuss any custom requirements)

Quality - Guaranteed

These machines come with a two year, no quibble guarantee against faulty parts or workmanship (UK Mainland only), so if you break it in play or the unit develops a fault we will fix it for free.

Delivery and Shipping

The Elite Arcade upright arcade machine is hand built to order, especially for each customer. The lead time is around 28 days, but if you really want one quicker then contact us and we'll see what we can do. We ship these to anywhere in the UK, if you are outside the UK please contact us for details of a distributor in your country.

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