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Upright Arcade Machines

An upright, or 'Stand Up' arcade machine was the most popular type of Arcade Machine to be found in 80's arcades on both sides of the Atlantic, although larger and bulkier in appearance than sit down arcade tables they don't actually take up any more space, and many old school games claim that they much prefer to play standing up.

Traditional upright arcades are very bulky and often quite 'ugly' (especially to the female eye) our machines, by contrast, have been designed to have a relatively slimline and more elegant appearance and they really look fantastic sat in the corner of any games room.

Of course, the gorgeous looks are only the beginning, our uprights use the very best quality arcade components such as Sanwa (Japanese) joysticks and top of the range Hanns G monitors.

The range of games available is also impressive with up to 2100 game machines available.