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Space Sim

Star Citizen...   Elite Dangerous...  Thanks to the enormous interest that these two space sim games have generated, the Space Simulation Genre is thriving once more.

The crew at GameCAB are huge fans of the Space Sim Genre, and it seemed a logical progression to take our ground breaking Flight Simulator Cockpit concept and turn it into a spaceship cockpit. After much deliberation (and testing) we found that the stock GameCAB Flight simply needed dressing in a black and silver theme, and the addition of a few space sim specific add-ons and the whole rig was just perfectly fit for purpose.

We have tested the setup with several of our favourite space sims, from Elite: Dangerous, to classics such as Star Wars battlefront, X-wing V's Tie Fighter, Wing Commander. And of course the upcomming Star Citizen.

So.. No matter what ship you fly, or... What universe you fly it in.... The GameCAB Space will immerse you deeper than you thought possible into your Sci Fi reality...



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