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GameCab Flight - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming
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GameCab Flight - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming GameCab Flight - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming GameCab Flight - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming GameCab Flight - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming GameCab Flight - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming GameCab Flight - GameCAB | Flight and Driving Simulation Gaming

GameCab Flight

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The GameCab Flight is a comfortable, sturdy, and ergonomic chair and desk combo suitable for all flight and space simulation and racing games.


GameCab Flight - IN STOCK NOW 

Flight Sim enthusiasts will love the GameCab Flight.

GameCAB Flight is a Modular cockpit set comprising of a gaming desk which has been specially designed with flight simulation in mind, a comfortable and ergonomically matching chair, and two types of optional 'Side Pods' complete the setup.

As well as these core cockpit components we offer an extensive range of add-on modules which allow you to configure your sim-pit just the way that you want it. Of course you don't have to be a flight sim enthusiast to make full use of the GameCAB Flight, it makes a fantastic setup for any ardent gamer and was especially designed with Space Games such as Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous in mind, and we have modules that support these games too.

The four main cockpit modules are all built from High Density Fibreboard, and come flat packed along with high quality fixings and detailed assembly instructions.

Designed By Pilots

The design process has been undertaken by our own in-house pilots and with input from commercial and military pilots. Testing has been done by Air Cadets, as well as seasoned simulation experts. So whether you are a budding pilot and need something to practice on, or just want the ultimate home flight sim setup, then you know that GameCAB Flight will exceed your expectations.

Ergonomic Design

The GameCAB flight desk and chair setup places the flight sim pilot in a much more relaxed and comfortable flying position than a regular desk and chair setup. The chair is lower and slightly more reclined than a regular office / desk chair and the front cockpit / desk section is appropriately lower to match. The desk section has been designed specifically to provide enough space to accommodate a three monitor setup without the need for a special three monitor support bracket, and the angled back leading edges of the unit give an ergonomic wrap around feel with ample room to bolt on Saitek flight throttle and associated items.

As anyone who has played flight or racing sims using an ordinary desk will testify you can get arm and neck ache after a few hours due to the desk being too high and the sitting position all wrong. The GameCab Flight has a central section with a lower shelf which is sized to take a Saitek pro flight yoke or Cessna licensed yoke, all of which are comfortably placed directly in front of the pilot. This positioning is both more comfortable and realistic than being sat at a standard desk and that really enhances the flying experience for any flight sim enthusiast, and means no more arm and neck ache!

About the Side Pods

There are two variations of the side pod units.
GameCAB HOTAS Side PodThe HOTAS Side Pod has a flat section that is designed to support a joystick or can be used as a mouse pad, the aft of the pod features a slightly angled back padded elbow rest, the reason this is angled back is to let your arm move back fully when pulling back on a joystick. Under the elbow pad is a generous storage compartment.
GameCAB EMFS Sidepod
The EMFS Side Pod is slightly larger than the HOTAS type. The front section rises up to meet the front cockpit desk and has a mounting panel that can take a range of instrument or switch panels. The rear section has a padded elbow rest that hides a large storage compartment, which is big enough to house a standard Tower PC, or mid Tower PC (it may not fit some odd shaped or over sized PCs).
You can have the same side pods on each side, or you can mix and match. We find that an EMFS pod on the left and a HOTAS pod on the right makes for a very adaptable set-up.

Kit Contents:

  • Mdf chair base unit.
  • Flight Chair
  • Mdf desk unit.
  • All required fixings.
  • Detailed assembly Instructions.
  • *Optional* Side Pod units


The GameCAB Flight is 130cm wide, and 67cm high. The length, when not in use, is 85 cm or around 165cm in use.

  • Height 67cm
  • Width 140 cm
  • Length (stored) 85cm (or approx 140cm when in use)
  • Footwell 46cm Wide 57 cm deep (large enough to fit CH Products or Saitek rudder pedals)
  • The side pods although they make the unit look larger, do not actually add to required floor space as they sit under the sides of the desk when not in use.

 We have a black version of thie GameCAB Flight in our Space Sim section.


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