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Retro Arcade Pro, the best coin operated arcade table on the market

Posted by Christian Marriott on

We recently had to change the coin mechs on our 'Retro Arcade Pro' arcade machines, so we thought that we would take the opportunity to add in a few other improvements to the design at the same time.

Improved cashbox system

The first improvement is the new larger cashbox system that has a seperate locking door from the one used for the coin mech. It is a significant improvement over the previous system that had a single door for both the coin mech and cashbox, it means that you can leave the machine for longer between collections and make the collections quicker. The new double locking system is also more secure as you can use different keys, so you can for instance give one key to cash collector and a different one to the service engineer.

New hinged top panel.

Another improvement that we have made is adding a fully hinged top panel with internal locks, this makes servicing quicker and easier with quick acces to the inside of the arcade machine without the need to remove screws.

Quick release control panels

The previous version of these arcade units had control panels that were wired directly to the JAMMA board connector making it difficult to replace a faulty button or joystick, we have added a molex style connector into the loom, it is now possible to swap out the entire control panel on site in seconds.

Finally we have relocated the speaker from the bottom to the top of the machine so that it is nearer to the players, this is good for when the machine is deployed in locations that are quiet, such as waiting area's as the volume can be turned right down whilst still allowing the players to hear the games sound effects.

All these changes are designed to ensure that the Retro Arcade Pro remains the best arcade table on the market for professional use in a commercial environment. The Retro Arcade Pro really is a great little money earner which is both reliable and easy to operate.

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