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GameCAB Flight (Elite Dangerous Edition) Back in stock

Posted by Adam Gallagher on

Yes that's right Commanders, we have a limited quantity of Elite Dangerous themed GameCAB Flight's now in stock. And whilst we're on that subject our custom space sim dashboard project is taking shape. We are calling the new product 'Game Commander', and these will be available from May.

Pictured Below is a GameCAB Space with Prototype 'Game Commander' in place in the center console. The Elite Dangerous Version is backlighted in amber with amber illuminated buttons of which there are 32 (30 pre defined and 2 spare)

GameCAB Space with Game Commander  GameCAB Space with Game Commander


The Game Commander has been designed to fit in the GameCAB center console whilst still allowing the slide out shelf to operate. It will also work stand alone on any desk top.

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