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GameCAB Cockpit Bundles Updated

Posted by Christian Marriott on

GameCAB Flight, Cockpit Bundles Updated.

We have made some changes to our flight sim cockpit bundles.

The most significant change is that we will no longer be supplying a PC or any software as part of any of our bundles. The reason for this change is twofold, first with the ongoing development of computer hardware technology taking place at such a rapid pace it is simply not possible for a company like ours to keep up to date and we cannot hold stock of items that are constantly being 'upgraded'.


GameCAB Flight Cockpit Bundles

The second reason is that many people naturally, and quite rightly expect to receive in depth support on the products that they purchase, and obviously we want to be able to offer this level of support to our customers. Unfortunately we are unable to offer the required level of support that a flight simulation PC requires in terms of managing the Operating system and Software, And we therefore feel that it would be in our customers best interests if we don't supply these products in the first place.


Another change is that we have had to make is to remove/swap some of the outdated peripheral devices, most notably some of the discontinued Saitek range.

We believe that our bundles now give greater flexibility, and the reduced prices make them exceptional value for money for anyone serious about a home flight simulation setup.

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