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Posted by Christian Marriott on

Welcome to the new Elite Arcades website, the old site had been around for several years and so we have decided to freshen it up with a new 'mobile responsive' storefront and we have decided to use the popular shopify platform to do this.

Along with the fresh new look we have introduced a couple of new products, most notably our new top of the range Elite Upright arcade machine. Which was recently unveiled at the #videogamemarket3 Event in Doncaster.

Along with the new site we are now able to take credit cards for the first time and we would like to encourage people to use this payment method rather than use paypal which has been known to cause us lost time and slow down things a bit.

Talking of lost time, we have recently made a number of changes to our production process in order to speed up our production times (without compromising quality) and with only a few exceptions we are now building and dispatching almost all of our machines well within our ten day advertised lead time.

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